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Paratroopers Commandments T-Shirt

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100% heavyweight cotton T-Shirt with Parachute Regiment cap badge at the front and the 10 Parachutist's Commandments at the back.

The message at the back

  • You are the elite of the British Army. For you, combat shall be fulfillment. You shall seek it out and train yourself to stand any test.
  • Cultivate true comradeship, for together with your comrades you will triumph or die.
  • Be shy of speech and incorruptible. Men act, women chatter; chatter will bring you to the grave.
  • Calm and caution, vigour and determination, valour and a fanatical offensive spirit will make you superior in attack.
  • In facing the foe, ammunition is the most precious thing. He who shoots uselessly, merely to reassure himself, is a man without guts. He is a weakling and does not deserve the title of parachutist.
  • Never surrender. Your honour lies in Victory or Death.
  • Only with good weapons can you have success. So, look after them on the Principle - first my weapons, then myself.
  • You must grasp the full meaning of an operation so that, should your leader fall by the way, you can carry it out with coolness and caution.
  • Fight chivalrously against an honest foe; armed irregulars deserve no quarter.
  • With your eyes open, keyed up to top pitch, agile as a greyhound, tough as leather, hard as Krupp steel, you will be the embodiment of an Airborne warrior.

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